Holidays 1st week 

6, 7, 8 july



Art and Soul Studio

providing a non-judgmental space that allows everyone to invest in creativity.

Paint Abstract Pink




Our workshops are not your typical art classes:

  • The main goal is self expression
    Not to learn how to make something

  • There is no right or wrong way
    We shy away from using templates that focus on replicating a final product

  • Artwork is seen as reflection or extension of
    it's creator
    There is no judgment at The Process


  • Art work is used as a form of communication
    We use words like "I feel" and "I am" We don't use words like "I'm not good at art''


  • We focus on The Process, not the final piece
    As the cliche goes..It's the journey not the destination

About Us

Sarah is a local primary teacher who has over 15 years experience teaching
5-13 year olds. In 2016, she took a step back from teaching to focus on self care which led her to completing her Post Graduate Diploma in Arts Therapy with distinction.  

The Enso - Our logo.
Funnily enough, it holds no meaning in Japanese
calligraphy. It does however hold strong symbolism
for Fullness and Emptiness. Presence and Absence.
The Good with the Bad. The Ensō represents balance.

Our Vision
With a focus on self-care,
The Process provides a non-judgmental space that allows everyone
to invest in creativity. We gift materials that prompt self-reflection
to inspire soul development.



What Process Clients Say

"He LOVED it"

"felt completely at ease"


“My son, Archie, went to the last holiday workshops. He LOVED it. Had a ball making a gnomes home and painting a giant icecream with his own flavours. They are still on display on his drawers."


My children (7 and 9) have both attended a holiday art class with Sarah. They came home with some awesome creations and full of pride! Our daughter experiences social anxiety, she felt completely at ease and comfortable being dropped off at her class. We have found art is a great medium for her to both relax and express herself. Both children are thoroughly looking forward to doing another class! The hard part will be deciding which one to take!

"Great fun at his toddler art class today! Getting creative together.... exploring paint in many ways!"


Eva Kendall



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