Below are some common frequently asked questions about The Process workshops 


Our Infant Art sessions are designed for children who are aged 6 months and over and who are ideally sitting unaided, up to around the age of 2 years.

Our Toddler Art sessions are for preschool age children and as a guide we suggest that they are suitable for children aged 2 years and above. The Toddler sessions are more independent and confident in expressing themselves without parent support.  

However each child is unique – they all develop at different rates and it’s all about which session they will get maximum benefit out of!

why are the preschool workshops split into 2 separate sessions?

All of the activities for Infant Art are specifically designed for babies age 6 months to 24 months, all designed to stimulate and aid their development – as well as heaps of messy fun!

And in the Toddler Art sessions we often focus on developing specific skills such as scissor practice, explore different mediums and techniques that our Infant Artists wouldn’t quite  be ready for and often use small parts that aren’t suitable for mouthing babies.

do i need to bring anything along to the infant/toddler sessions?

We do recommend you bring old clothing that is okay to get messy in! We use a range of mediums, some natural based, some sticky, some that may require extra elbow grease to get out. So it's best to wear something that is old and you are happy to get rid of. 

For our Infant and Toddler sessions we suggest bringing along a towel and /or a change of clothes for your baby to wear after the session.

There’s no need for you to bring anything else although we do suggest that bringing along a plastic bag with you is a good idea to help you to carry any wet masterpieces home in.

do i need to pre book or can i just turn up?

All of our sessions do work on a pre booking basis. This is because, for the safety and enjoyment of everyone, places are limited and we need to know how many children are coming to the session each week to be able to plan and  make sure we have enough materials and resources for everyone!

what if my little one doesn't want to take part in the activities?

That’s fine – our sessions are child led and based on free flow activities.

Your little one is free to explore and do as much as he/she wants to and you are both comfortable with.

As with all new experiences some babies and young children may be a little overwhelmed during their first visit and want to stick to doing one or two activities. Similarly, some children who first come to the session just want to run around the room!


Children learn by observation and imitation of the other children already engaged in the activities.