Messy play is particularly valuable because it stimulates many of their senses at once – they can feel, smell, see, and sometimes even taste the consequences of their messy active play!


What we offer:
We will provide a customised event to suit your little one's individual needs. You will have a choice of a variety of product options that will be designed to the theme of your party. 

Details for the day:

We will arrive 45 minutes prior to your Messy Play Party to set up all the sensory stations in the location of your choice. 
The session will be approximately 1 hour long. During this time, we will interact with the children and families and encourage everyone to get involved in messy sensory play. Pack up will take 45 min and is normally during the time where cake and/or presents is happening in a space slightly separate for the play area.

Your little one will be learning & enjoying:

  • fine and gross motor development 

  • hand eye coordination 

  • spatial awareness skills

  • social interaction and sharing skills

1 hour session
Check below to see if your date is free!