Term 1, 2020
The Process would love to offer After School sessions for students aged 5 - 11 years.
We run sessions from Kelson Community Centre on Mondays and Tuesdays. 
There are two sessions for children aged 5-7 yr and 1 session provides space for older students up to 11 years old. 

process 1

For 5-7 year olds

No right or wrong here, just a focus on developing thoughts and purpose in their art.  
With a focus on expressing self, Process 1 allows each child to be proud of what choices they make.

$17.50 per session
Mondays @ 3:30pm
Tuesdays @ 3:30pm
45 min

process 2

For 8-11 year olds

These sessions allow children to indulge and be empowered by their art choices. Each session offers a link to regulating emotions and expressing them through art and creativity.

$19.50 per session
Tuesdays @ 4:20pm
55 min